Intuitive Healing &

Remembrance of Self

Reclaim Your Wild Spirit!

Welcome Sweet Soul!

My name is Amber Tarcha and I am a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner who helps women strip out of their old roles, identities, and smaller selves so they can play big in this world and remember their FULL and WILD spirit that lives within.

It is like a massive Marie Kondo cleaning of your inner world and self! When is the last time you cleaned out your internal basement and re-organized your inner space within?! 

I will help you uncover and connect to the parts of yourself you have forgotten, repressed and that are wanting to be expressed. Remember the voice you possess and see with clarity the life you want to live and create!

Are you...

  •  going through major transitions or feeling frequent overwhelm?

  • experiencing anxiety, a lack lust for life, old traumas surfacing, or emotional triggers on the regular?

  •  feeling a dissatisfaction in your direction and purpose?

  • telling yourself you have done everything right, yet don't feel total fulfillment in life?

  • keep running into the same blocks, behaviors and limitations?

  • ready to feel comfortable in your body and connect back to aspects of yourself that have gotten lost or are repressed? 

  • yearning to be lit up, excited and inspired about your life again and not feel like you are faking it.?

  • dreaming of finding a community you can have a genuine connection with and who see and accept you as you are? 


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