Four Winds Society Graduate


 Sensual Dance Instructor

Energy Medicine Practitioner

Amber Tarcha

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As a child Amber had a highly sensitive, empathic nature which brought her to connect with nature and the elements early on.  Her interest in "magick" and conversing with the Spirit world heightened in her teenage years as she felt energies around her and saw visions of what sometimes became reality. Not having any guidance or mentors that understood what she was experiencing, she slowly learned it was safer to disconnect to whatever was so naturally within her.

As she grew into her young adult years, the intuition and connection to spirit helped her create a successful career as a professional aerialist and dance studio owner. Although she didn't actively focus or engage in her gifts, they were there with her always.

When she reached her 30's, Spirit came "knocking at her door" in a more significant way.  Her life, although successful in Western Culture terms, was in reality spiraling out of control. Burned out, physically ill, depressed, and feeling lost and disconnected to herself, Amber couldn't deny a greater force at work trying to communicate to her that she needed to wake up and make some changes - starting with herself first. She stepped away from her businesses expansion and slowly worked to get connected to Spirit and her more aligned self again.

It wasn't long before she found herself experiencing shamanic energy work, women circles, sound healing, and plant medicines which drastically changed her on all levels and brought harmony back into her life.  The connection to her abilities and gifts was stronger than ever and ready to be utilized not only for her, but for all living beings and the earth. 

Amber enjoys helping others get connected to their inner wisdom and bring back harmony on all levels using movement, voice, shadow work, and Shamanic Energy Medicine. Forever learning, Amber is now a graduate of Four Winds Shamanic Society, and has studied under other healers, shamans, and mentors for many years to refine her techniques and utilize her unique abilities to help guide others on their journey.