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JUNE 3rd - JUNE 7th


dare to dance with your shadow

Welcome sweet soul! I invite you to join a 5-day intimate experience exploring your subconscious world in order to allow your old wounds, fears, and hidden gifts to surface so that they can be held with love, be seen by a supportive community, and release through the magic of movement (shaking your groove thang) and other transformative healing modalities.

We will bring fun, lightheartedness, and a child-like curiosity to the shadows that live within so that we can shine the disco lights of love and blast songs of high vibe frequency all over them.


This is a new way of...

  • remembering who you are...

  • getting to know yourself surrounded by uplifting support....

  • facing your shadows in a container of light and joy......

  • welcoming in the full spectrum of knowledge from past wounds in a celebratory way.....

  • claiming gifts that are ready to come to the surface......

  • And so much more....


be invited to experience

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Sarah Ellis

EFT (Tapping)


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Tolly Moseley

Aerialist | Writer


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Rebecca Naylor

Kambo Practitioner


A sneak peek at the schedule...


Amber Tarcha

» Sensual Embodied Dance Instructor 

» Published Author and Entrepreneur 

» Certified Shamanic Practitioner

Amber has spent the last decade creating safe spaces within her Pole Dance Studio, VAMPS Dance. She has helped others explore their bodies, express themselves through exotic dance and movement, along with creating genuine, non-judgmental, and supportive community among women. 


Five years into her studio business, at the height of her success, she walked away feeling the most disconnected, depressed, and alone she had ever felt. 

WHY am I here with my Queen Team

asking you to dance with us? 


I spent many years doing my healing work feeling alone and disconnected from any sense of belonging.


I ended up re-traumatizing myself at times trying to face things on my own and always feeling like no one in my life really saw the real me behind the facade I built.


I was shameful of what was really going on behind closed doors and felt that if I shared it with others I wouldn’t be loved or accepted...I was completely wrong!


This is why I am committed to no one being left on the sidelines to do their own healing without a community and loving support around them. 

It might feel risky, scary, and completely uncomfortable to show up letting yourself be seen, but at the end of the day we are all in this together. 

I invite you to claim your spot on the dance floor, get warmed up to shake your groove thing, and be excited to have some new experiences healing and expanding together with us!


meet the guest speakers + teachers

about the host


the bigger mission

Why did she feel like something was missing when she had so much?


Trusting in a small voice from within and her intuitive feeling of needing to finally face and heal the old wounds that seemed to be haunting her, she ended up going on a deep healing journey (where she learned how to dance with the shadows) that forever changed her life for the better.

After closing her studio in 2020, she now focuses on creating spaces for deep healing in person and virtually both for private and group settings with programs and specialized healing retreats. 


Let's move through the depths of our healing surrounded by connection, joy, and love!

And don't forget, the party favor for showing up to dance with your shadow always contains your forgotten gifts, wisdom, and reclaimed power for you to take home!


It is time to remember and claim your power, gifts, and strengths love. 


The world needs you sweet sister to be in your pleasure, know clarity in your path, and heal what is holding you back from moving forward.


Let's make a dance out of it!  - Amber