I have never cried and howled my grief so loudly.

While working with a healer, I found myself shaking, contorting my body in weird shapes, and feeling the depths of something overwhelming and a scary moving through me.

The vibration of sounds coming out of my belly and through my throat escaped such potent force.

Was I at a dangerous edge of drowning in my darkness?

Why did this chaotic emotional state come with moments of cathartic and comforting relief?

To this day, I have no idea what those tears and emotion were attached to, and trying to find the story or logical reason for where it was coming from doesn't really matter.

All that mattered at that time was that I no longer wanted to hold on to whatever "that" was anymore, and I was divinely in a space with help to let it all go!

This process that I was introduced to 5 years ago and that I continue to seek out for myself as well as offer to guide others through in varying intensities is what I call "Shadow Dancing" or "Dancing in your Shadows".

I used to describe it as "dancing with your demons", but if there are any demons residing within you, they sure as hell don't deserve a moment dancing with your fabulous self. They are firmly asked to leave and to go back to where they came from, thank you very much!

The term "shadow work" is more commonly used these days, but I find the experience more like dancing.

"Work" requires the brain to analyze, logic comes in and interferes with the process, and sometimes you think to yourself, "Why am I paying so much money and taking time out of my day off to do MORE miserable hard WORK?!"

But when you "Dance", you get to connect and go within the body, start to allow the sounds and emotions to take over, and move to what is ready to come through while also choosing if you are a playful, serious, or sensual dance partner.

This is working within the intelligence of your heart, spirit, and soul (not your mind) to achieve expansion and healing.

So, I invite you to think of "shadow work" as a dance. Something that can be exciting, wild and a bit thrilling, where you find enjoyment and release after the dance is done!

Shadow Dancing can also welcome in the most delightful expansion of love and bliss that I have ever felt, which is why I keep going back for more! A way to align with your true authentic self.

Every time you dance with your shadows (big or small) you learn different steps to use with your next dance and gain strength to push through and improve the ease of your future shadow dancing experiences.

So, my question for you is, are you up for some dancing?!

Blessings and love, Amber