What do you need right now?!

I am taking a moment to feel the heaviness and the lightness move through me as the shadows dance on my face and I start feeling my moon come closer.

I am always surprised at the intensity of awareness and sensitivity that heightens the week before bleeding.

No longer is there solid wall keeping me from feeling into the subtle energies, vibrations, and frequency of the emotions in myself and in the conscious collective around me. I start to feel SO much.

Even though I had plans to do more work today, I shifted into giving myself permission to just sit and feel into what I need right now.

And right now, I need the sun on my face, birds singing loud, and the breeze that carries the whispers of wisdom from my ancestors into my inner ear.

Sometimes your work is to sit and listen.

To get quiet.

And allow spirit to carry some of the heaviness as you dive into the deeper work of self-care and love.

And sleep! Lots and lots of sleep, rest, and water.

If you need permission to REST, go within, take care of yourself……don’t ever feel guilty for giving yourself that.

Instead, see it as one of the best thing that you can do for yourself and those around you!

You are not being lazy, selfish, or high maintenance to refill your cup and center yourself, aligning with the divine guidance that flows through you!

When you are in flow and aligned, shit gets done quickly, with ease and productivity soars.

So, if you close you’re eyes and take a moment to listen…. What is you’re body telling you is needed right now?

Blessings and love, Amber