A three month adventure to come back home to yourself,
find clarity in your purpose, and
deeply connect and feel good in your body.

Join this intimate circle of kindred women ready to collectively reclaim their healing and rise up to unleash their WILD selves.



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Pink Gradient
This is a deep journey of exploring your subconscious world in order to allow old wounds, fears, and hidden gifts to surface so that they can be held with love, be seen by a supportive community, and get released through the magic of movement, transformative healing modalities, accountability, ceremony, and so much more.

Do you need a supportive, non-judgmental space to be able to freely explore and express yourself with others that "get you"?

Want to find your excitement for life and have
clarity on your purpose and path?

Wouldn't it be nice to regain your inner voice and strength
to stand your ground and feel your power?

Do you want less stress and anxiety in your life but feel like
it is impossible with your schedule and responsibilities?

Are you wanting to connect to yourself on a deeper
level and expand your spirituality?

Do you want to be more connected and present in your physical body and able to radiate confidence and live in free expression everyday?

Are you wanting to heal old wounds and let-go of some of your unhealthy habits you know you need to release?


Healing and change isn’t a one-and-done deal or destination.  It is a lifetime journey you go on that is way easier when you have a team of experienced guides with reliable maps to get you from A to B, a group of others experiencing the ups and downs with you, loving support along the way, and wild dance parties around a fire howling at the moon! 

If you are a YES to any of these....

...I invite you to apply

the retreat....


...the full journey

Everyone in the group brings their own energy and intentions which will lend to possible adjustments in the journeys plan as we co-create the space together, however, we will be following the plan below! 

3 night all inclusive retreat near Austin, TX


Connection + Sharing Circles

Wild Feminine Embodiment


Dance + Movement



Relaxation + Organic Food

Sound Journeying


Breath work + EFT

Healing Ceremonies


what to expect

Awaken Your Power In The Midnight Hour


be witnessed, seen, honored, and celebrated through different group ceremonies on the retreat 

This is not a retreat where you just go home and have these experiences fade into the background without integrating lasting change in your busy schedule.


This program is specifically designed to be a container that allows you to integrate this content and make the changes that you are craving.  


This experience will stand apart because we are going to be here holding your hand to process everything that happens during the retreat, and support your through what will be awakened within you. 


It is in this space of collective healing that you can get the result and change you want.

why this retreat is different


You will get to taste and experience some potent practices to tap into self and deep healing during this retreat near Austin, Texas.

Remembrance of who you truly are comes in sacred spaces away from your everyday life,  where you are guided to the depths of your inner world and witnessed by others who accept and celebrate you as you are!

Alongside myself, there will be a hand selected team of healers and facilitators to help hold and support the group experience. Together we will create unforgettable opportunities while helping you remember the true power within. We will sing together in the remembrance of who we are in a collective body of women. 


Month 1

Connection + Creating Space In Your Life For Transformation


Identifying What Holds You Back to Release and Strip It Away


Month 2

Releasing + Shedding Past Stories, Wounds, and False Beliefs


Connecting to Your Truth and Higher Guidance Systems


Month 3

Finding Clarity In a

New Direction or Path




and Beyond


What is included....


3 Night Retreat

All Inclusive 3 night retreat near Austin, TX


12 Online Group Sessions

Look forward to our weekly group sessions where all the magic, connection and transformation happen.


Private Online Group

Connect to the intimate group of women and receive daily motivation and support!


2 Private 1:1 Sessions

Receive two private sessions with me in person or virtually.


4 Dance + Breath Work Classes

Learn how to use movement to heal, connect, and unleash your inner goddess.


Tailored Gift Box For Your Journey

Receive a special curated box of items tailored just for you to help support you on your journey.

Pink Gradient

In a small pole studio full of glitter, a disco ball, red lights, music, and peppermint oil diffusing sweet smells in the background, I taught women for ten years how to move and express through their bodies, explore different aspects of themselves, strip out of their layers, and connect back to their self-confidence and inner strength. I must say, it was the most fun job ever!


Through these years however, I was on a cycle of spiraling out with depression, over drinking, having issues keeping a relationship, and overall feeling disconnected and lost feeling like I was missing something. How could my life be so amazing, yet I felt so empty and unfulfilled?! 


It wasn’t long before I found myself having to face my unhealed trauma from my childhood and self destructive habits which lead me on a healing journey back into myself. In the world of healing, there isn’t much I haven’t tried or experienced.  I was open to anything that would help me feel like myself again and release the suffering I was carrying but didn’t know how to let go of. 


And so here we are! I have combined my knowledge as a pole studio owner and performer with my shamanic healing and energy medicine studies to create this transformational space that allows facing the uncomfortable, scary, and shadowy parts of yourself to be an experience surrounded with connection, joy, love, and childlike fun.

about me....


I'm in! Now what?

Schedule a connection call with me to explore if this is a good fit!
I want the opportunity to connect with you personally and we can see together what breakthrough you really want to have for yourself out of this experience.  You will have the space to be seen and heard while receiving clarity in if you feel called to join this circle of women.

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