"Amber is the real deal! If you are feeling stuck in any aspect of your life, whether it be a relationship, healing from a past trauma, career, or even spiritually, I highly recommend you book a session with Amber as soon as you can. She truly has a gift for moving dense energies from your body and spirit. 

I recently had a session with her and wasn't really sure what I needed to work on. Once I arrived, I automatically felt a sense of calm come over me. Amber made sure to explain how the entire session would go so that I was prepared. She spent several minutes asking me questions and listening intently to my answers so that we would make sure to address different aspects of the healing I needed. Throughout the entire session she was both professional and so comforting. She just has a knack for making one feel relaxed. I knew I was in good hands the entire time.

After the session, I felt so relaxed yet energized. I felt lighter inside and with a wonderful feeling of calm. I struggle with anxiety in my life so to experience these times of calm is just amazing. 
The following day, she made sure to reach out and check on me, which I greatly appreciated. This type of work can have lots of shifts, some very apparent and some very subtle. I was still processing a lot of it the next day so being able to talk to her was helpful. I cannot recommend her enough.  I hope to work with her again to continue the healing process from a lot of childhood trauma." Georgia

"I saw Amber in September of 2019 for an energy cleansing. I cannot speak highly enough about her or the experience. Prior to seeing Amber, I was only relying on typical Western medicine and years of psychotherapy. I was still struggling with past sexual and emotional trauma, and could not seem to shake it no matter what I did.

I went to see Amber with an open mind and I'm so glad I did. I trusted her right away and her entire healing process was comforting, safe and beautiful. Since my session, it's almost as if all of that emotional baggage I was carrying around inside of me is completely gone. I feel lighter, happier and so hopeful for the future. Everyone and anyone interested in healing should try this practice and should see Amber. Seriously!" Katie

​"It’s been about two weeks since I sat with Amber and I’m still processing the experience. While I didn’t know what to expect going into it, I trusted it was exactly where I was supposed to be.
Amber talked me through what was going to take place in a professional and comforting way. Her open heart, focus and intent was calming and helped me to be present.
Sitting with Amber is what you make it. When we went to the space I made a conscious effort to follow her guidance. Because of this, I had visions, lost control of my body (in a not scary way) and was able to be completely vulnerable. And all in the while, I still knew that I was safe and loved.
Amber was kind and took on the roll of caretaker with me to help me recover after the session. She helped me come back to my mind and body with patience. She also followed up with me the next day to see how I was processing.
​I will say it again, professional, comforting, genuine, present... Amber has a gift and her willingness to share that is more than special." Sarah Ellis

"Amber is a truly gifted spiritual guide.  I have been in the healing arts for many years and worked with several gifted individuals, and Amber’s energy sessions are by far the most impactful and transformative I’ve experienced. 
Her connection to spirit is pure and deep.  She channels her strong connection to illuminate the depths of my own spirit with beautiful precision, revealing my deepest wounds and highest truth, all while holding a safe and sacred space for my healing journey.   
I’ve had intense emotional releases during sessions and have left filled with clarity, with strong visions and direct messages from spirit, and with profound shifts in consciousness. 
Her approach is intuitive and compassionate, gentle but strong.  I feel so held in her presence and free to allow release and healing.  I would highly recommend receiving spiritual guidance and medicine by this lovely soul."  Angela

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Kristen Murphy

Amber is an energy goddess. I feel amazing after my session with her.  I had been carrying around a heaviness that was hard for me to define but I felt like I was stuck in a fog....., 


Immediately after my session I felt calm, lighter, and centered. I could feel a huge energetic weight had been lifted.

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Lauren LaRocca

I participated in a group session with Amber, which involved shamanic healing work done remotely

via video call.

I immediately noticed that I felt lighter afterward, as if a lot of “stuff” I’d been carrying had been removed, and the following day (and days), I felt genuinely more joyful, had more energy, was more productive than I’d been in weeks, and even noticed myself connecting more deeply with people.

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I deeply appreciate how Amber is able to be with ANY emotion - anger, despair, disgust, guilt, and shame.


She is skilled at helping you focus on what you want to work on in each session as well as giving your soul the space to do what it does. Plus her beautiful voice caresses your body on every level, reminding you that all is well and you are safe

​"As I had never experienced Shamanic cleansing, I had no idea what to expect.  Amber provided me the opportunity to share my struggles and connect with her on a very personal level, and she explained what I might notice. She made the process simple and soothing.  
I was amazed at the confluence of our energies and intentions: I could sense that she was in my heart gently pulling out any unnecessary bindings.  At the end of the session, I felt different although very tired. She urged me to take care of myself, resting and hydrating that evening.
By the next morning, I noticed a lightness in my spirit, and great focus and ease with a major project I was working on that day.  It felt as though I’d gotten home from a long trip and she’s taken all of my luggage from me, putting things away and discarding what was no longer serving me.  
I highly recommend Amber - she is a skilled healer who creates a safe container for you to release the old so that you can become more of who you want to be!"  

Laura Wall, Intuitive Business Coach  (Remote Client)